France 1986 – 2005

I have never visited one city was many times in my life as I have with Paris. My first visit to France was the island of Jersey, I was a child and don’t remember anything, My second was Calais and again I was a child and only have small snippets of memory. The 3rd was on my own with my 2nd year school French class…. I remember every single detail.

Since then I have visited Paris at least 15 times. It was the 2nd last stop on my trip through Europe with my Uncle Tom (Read more about trip here) and also somewhere I would try to become a full time lecturer.

In 2005/6 I visited Paris 3 or 4 times to partake in Seminars and Design lectures at the Pompidou centre, and LISAA then in 2006/07 I applied for a full time lecture position at the LISSA but didn’t get the job, I interviewed but was seen to be too young for the position. I did however guest lecture 3 times at LISSA on modern photoshop techniques, logo & branding design and future Internet technologies.

I have and always will have a special place in my heart for Paris and France, My french is getting better, although out of practice at the moment, but my love of french electronic music and Hip-Hop will always be with me; I look forward to returning soon.

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