Gibraltar 1996 – 2005

I have visited Gibraltar 6 ot 7 times throughout my life.I have two members of my family who have very close ties with the country. My Uncle Ian (On my Dads side, who has now sadly passed) was born in Gibraltar. His father was stationed there in the Raf when he was born; he and my Aunt Jean used to own a timeshare apartment in Calahonda in the Costa Dell Sol. He would make a pilgrimage every year to go back to the place of his birth, I was lucky enough to go with him a few times.

My Aunt Anne (My Mums Cousin) also works 6 moths of the year in London and the other half In Gib. Again I have been lucky enough to visit and and stay because of this.  Gib will always be a close place to me, my families ties mixed with the beauty and weather of the city; it always makes me smile to see London bobbies plodding down summer streets in full uniform in 30 degree heat, and also spending UK pound coins in Spanish feeling town, its the little things that make us tick. the town never seems to grow old.

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