Italy 1990 – 09

I have visited Italy a lot throughout my life, and I mean alot!. I was blessed with two parents who live to travel. Would always taken me with them when I was a child, who have always encouraged me and fill me with enough confidence to go owt on my own yo see the world and not be scared. To explore everything, to try everything, even the language.

I have another great individual in my family, a person who embraces all of the above, took the concept and made it his life, a life he would eventually share with me one summer in 1999 taking me on an adventure through Italy,  Switzerland and France before returning home to London. (read more about trip here)

My Uncle Tom was a Professorie of Italian lit, who spoke fluent, Italian, French, German, Latin and I only just found out also a good foundation in Greek. He was a fellow of Trinity Collage Dublin and was a lecturer at Aberdeen,  Queens New York, Melbourne Australia, and Milan Universities. Thanks to him I got to see things I would probably never have had the opportunity to.

I first remember meeting him in Rome, then Venice (in 1990) before my big trip in 1999. Venice is another city I have visited several times, it never seems to change and always stay beautiful.

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