Morocco 2006

In 2006 I visited (at the time what was) My parents Timeshare in Calehonda Spain. While here I made a few trips out with the country, one to Gibraltar and one to Tangiers Morocco.

It was my first time traveling outside the E.U.  I dint quite know what to expect. We travelled over the border by ferry and on entering customs I finally got my first passport stamp.

The parts of Morocco I visited felt like one of the poorest places I’ve seen; lots of beggars and street kids. The tourist trade here is massive, I got to have dinner in the Kasbar and visit a genuine “aladins cave” I left morroco with lots of spices and ointments. One of the most eye opening cities I’ve been to. Life is so much different in other cultures and poorer societies. Makes you appreciate the little you have.

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