PORTUGAL 1996 – 2000

As a child my parents had visited Portugal 3 or 4 times. I remember twice visiting a big villa with my cousins and playing board games late into the night (6pm) and large thunderstorms with electrical power outs, candle light nights and going to the Safari bar bar to drink blue milk shakes.

My last visit to Portugal was to the island of Madera, and as per My Uncle Tom was involved! For the trip (read more about the trip) I would fly to Gatwick airport to stay at my Aunt Annes (who was in london at this point) then fly out from stand stead by two seater propeller powered (this was slightly terrifying) British Airways flight to meet him in Genoa Italy, we would then make the connecting flight from here to Madeira.

My uncle Tom described this as his retirement holiday although he smiled when he said it as he knew, as did I that it was a lie. It was a very relaxing holiday, good food, boat trips, wine lessons, swimming pool. Its has left a nice last memory of him as this would be the last time we would meet.

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