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Camera History

Iphone 1 to 6 05 – Present

I have used the iPhone since dot, I find the camera excellent and with new features like Panorama i will be using it for a long time

GoPro Hero3 Black + 14 – present

GoPro has changed the way I interact with a location, I can now photograph and video in any extreme environment including underwater

Nikon d5100 – 13 – pressent

Having moved on from Pentax i find the d5100 light weight and very powerful + full hd movies.

Pentax K10d – 08 – 13

This SLR is now my weapon of choice, Solid robust and very fast. I am a huge Pentax fan, and have great respect for the product

canon Ixus 750, 05 -10

I soon decided I also needed a new compact, SLR’s were now being banned in Concert Venus, the ixus is still the perfect compact

Pentax P30n, 05 – ??

After getting a taste for manual photography, the next step would be to buy an old Pentax SLR, shooting on only B&W film

Fujifilm FPx S51k, 04 – 13

After my s3000 was damaged I upgraded to the 5100, A bridge cam and an into to Manual photography, I still use this.

Fujifilm FPx S3k, 01 -04

My first digital Camera, the 3000, has a 5mg, 8x zoom and takes XD cards. Very bulky top of the range its time, perfect for uni

Poloroide 600 – 20 – ??

One of the most fun camera I have ever owned, however film has been a pain to get a hold of until just recently.

Disposables 94 -2013

Through out my travels I used a lot of disposable camera, as a kid as it was cheaper , still waterproof versions regularly

Olympus Stylus 105, 97-00

My first Optical zoom cam. and introduction to real photography. I travelled allot using this, it started my passion.

Kodak Advantix F300 96-98

Families first Advantix auto load film cartage cam. Parents were fed up of ruining 35mm film by not loading right,

Fuji DL-15 1990 – 95

Xmas pressent from my parents, my first camera. My very own! a passion was born!

Holga 35mm Auto 1990 – 94

Christmas Present from my mum to my dad, first Automatic Camera we had ever seen. batteries not included

Minox B 1984-88

My Grandad (Mum’s side) Sub miniature Minox Germany used by 007 , 9.5mm film in special cassettes.

Minolta 16 1984 -89

My Grandad (Dad’s side) Minolta 16 (made in 1966) giving 20 exposures 11 x 16mm in cassette. f2.8 22mm

Fujifilm Neopan 400 Pro 135-36 B&W

Film I have used since 1998, Often under develops and turns yellow or brown depending on exposure.

Fujifilm COLOR 36/200 /300

I have used this film since around 1990 200 / 300 .iso, prefer Fujifilm over my parents Kodak choice.

Fujifilm COLOR 110, 200 x24

This film was initially used with my Grandads Minolta, but Im not sure about the Minox, i have good memories of using the Minolta.

Others used, Nikon D5000, 12

Along my travel I have had the pleasure or using other peoples camera, my fav and next to buy s the Nikon D5000

Others used FujiFilm JV100, 09

Another nice light weight compact, great face detection and low light settings

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